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Jul 16 / 2021

Fieldnotes from a weekend trip

What makes a trip memorable?


Good company, nice scenary, good food.


What about a good bike ride?


As we let the dust settle from the intense year of hard we had, we tried to find a way to escape the city (and our computer screens) and enjoy an off the grid weekend of riding bikes.


As it goes, we booked the time in our schedules and took the camping gear out of the closet.


We decided on the nice and simple Santiago Way as it's not super hard to plan. The route is marked, simple to follow and places to eat and sleep are readilly available. And more importantly power supplies are easy to find!


A fail proof route - fail proof bikes


Knowing the route we understood that most of the time we would be riding off road and long hours. We had to adjust our bike choice and consider where to charge.


The tools of the trade:


  • C800 Trekking
    • Made for this type of adventure - powerful motor for fully loaded long days in the saddle
    • Upgraded with a Ergotech Confort Seatpost for extra comfort - the route was mostly offroad after all.


  • C500 Trekking
    • The (lighter) baby sister. Chosen by the nimbleness and agility


  • M500 Wild
    • The obvious choice for and offroad ride, not so obvious for bikepacking
    • For that we did a sneaky upgrade - we added na ATB kit - more news on that to come, stay tuned 😏


  • E800 Urban Motion
    • Yes, you read that right, we took na urban bike off roading
    • This was our wildcard for the trip as we wanted to test the limits of this bike. It did not disappoint!
    • No upgrade, straight from the box


For all bikes we took an extra battery as we where planning 100km days. However we did not need to use them as we where able to be very economical with our riding.


The take away from the trip:


The best de-stresser is connecting with the outdoors.

After so much time enclosed, being able to do this trip was invigorating.

Feeling the breaze once more, getting the skin burned by the sun.

Being able to stop at the roadside and share a cold beer with your friends.

Stop at a random water hole and take a dip.

Those are the things that spark joy and clear the mind.

And doing all that without destroying our bodies.


This is the exact purpose of the ebike - taking you somewhere you wouldn't normally go and on that path, enjoying life a little bit more.


Until the next one,